OUR Services


Lobbying: LegisGroup Public Affairs, LLC provides meaningful information to members of the Indiana General Assembly about a client's issues and the impact of legislation.

Monitoring: LegisGroup reviews all legislation that's introduced, watching for proposed legislation that may affect the client.

Interim and Statutory Committees and Commissions: These important committees and commissions meet during the months the
Indiana General Assembly is not in session. Monitoring these bodies and being prepared to lobby them should their be activity or proposed bills that might affect the client's issues, is a vital service. These meetings are also opportunities to provide information and to educate legislators on the client's issues.

State Agencies: Through their administrative rule-making authority, state agencies can establish policies that affect a client as much as the passage of a law by the legislature. LegisGroup monitors this activity and may become involved in the process should that be the client's wish.

Clarifying Intent: LegisGroup meets with key state agency staff members to clarify the intent of agency rule-making in an effort to minimize "red tape" for our clients.

Problem-solving: This service involves seeking non-legislative solutions to client regulatory problems, often obtaining faster results.

Communicating: LegisGroup maintains clear and frequent communication with a client.