Government Relations; Protecting Your Interests

Little has as much impact on business, industry or trade associations as the government -- through laws and legislation or administrative agency rules and regulations.

Businesses, associations, and coalitions spend much time and effort in managing their business environments. It's short-sighted to ignore the government side --- especially when you know the government won't be ignoring you.

That's where the services and experiences of LegisGroup d/b/a SDS Group can directly benefit you. We can help with:

  • issues management
  • grassroots development and plans
  • coalition building
  • organizing a state relations plan
  • lobbying the Indiana General Assembly
  • monitoring legislative interim committees
  • monitoring state boards and commissions
  • running interference with state agencies
  • advising on political activity

We have the experience and versatility to deal effectively with major corporations or small associations. SDS will help develop a plan to accomplish what you want to accomplish or prevent what you want to prevent. We are proud of our reputation as a lobbying firm recognized for its integrity, professionalism, effectiveness, honesty and efficiency.

Discuss your legislative goals with LegisGroup.